Consistent with RealMassive’s mission to connect every person and place in the global commercial real estate marketplace, we strive to match the industry’s technology acceleration with engaging and informative social content. Leveraging the popularity of CRE’s first influencer-focused predictions report (The New #CREcosystem), we collaborated with #CRETech partner and fellow Austin-based tech firm REthink CRE to release a sequel edition which includes fresh topics and new participants.

The commercial real estate industry is experiencing a profound economic, social, and cultural transformation. With steady change painting a new landscape for real estate, things are beginning to look different than they did even one decade ago. Professionals are being tasked with finding new ways to adapt to an on-demand business landscape. In order to remain relevant and competitive, the industry as a whole must operate dynamically and iterate rapidly as part of the modern digital era.

To achieve maximum audience reach, corporate budgets now include various line items for technology platforms and advertising channels previously unseen. This is not occurring as quickly as expected in commercial real estate, because perhaps the end user has not forced the change. As we discussed with the professionals featured here, when tenants and investors demand real-time information at their fingertips, the industry will respond rapidly. The #CREcosystem is a new reality, and those who excel have future-proofed their businesses by strategically investing in emerging tech, digital marketing, business intelligence, and most importantly, people.


“Twitter is probably the most underrated social CRM on this planet. Sign-up, follow your curiosity, share great content and always be gentle”
– Jonas Haberkorn


“I strongly agree with Antony Slumbers’ view that CRE should continue to evolve and offer Space as a Service (SaaS), with a clear focus on agility to best meet changing client needs.”
– Julie Augustyn


“IOT will create real actionable data in our buildings that will benefit our most important assets..our tenants.”
– Jonathan Schultz

This ongoing conversation will continue taking many different forms across the digital sphere. We invite you to join us in this discussion which we hope will pervade meetings, social media, and events. Download your free copy to hear what these influencers predict for our future.