The New #CREcosystem: What’s Next?

The New #CREcosystem: What’s Next

Consistent with RealMassive’s mission to connect every person and place in the global commercial real estate marketplace, we strive to match the industry’s technology acceleration with engaging and informative social content. Leveraging the popularity of CRE’s first influencer-focused predictions report (The New #CREcosystem), we are collaborating with #CRETech partner and fellow Austin-based firm REthink CRE to release a sequel edition which includes fresh topics and new participants.

Below you’ll find a preview of compelling insights and predictions for 2017 and beyond, direct from the professionals and leaders shaping our modern #CREcosystem through their use of emerging technology, digital marketing, and predictive analytics.

Emerging Tech


Jonas Haberkorn #CREcosystem“The Internet of Things is happening: Alexa, read me the news. In CRE we have been talking about putting all building systems in the cloud. In the world of smart, connected, high-performance buildings, everything gets connected to the network, at least in concept. Forget 5G, the CRE industry is currently about managing and interpreting the increasing amount of data. Can you build a brain for your building?”

Jonas Haberkorn, Business Development Director Europe at Propteq


Digital Marketing


Sarah Malcolm“Right now Instagram is shown to have the highest engagement in CRE. Although followers are not as high, I am seeing anywhere from a 2,000-8,000% above average engagement as compared to other CRE social channels. I can’t remember the last time I have seen zero post likes on Instagram, but on Twitter that is often the case.”

Sarah Malcolm, Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel




Colt Power“I try to disseminate research and analytics to clients and potential clients through all of the social media channels I engage in. This includes white papers on the economy, local market reports, and other applicable articles on trends in commercial real estate and businesses’ utilization of their real estate. Additionally, my team creates customized analytic reports for specific clients’ needs for applicable projects, however this information is typically not published on social media.”

Colt Power, Executive Vice President at NAI Robert Lynn

This ongoing conversation has and will continue taking many different forms across the digital sphere. We invite you to join us in this discussion which we hope will pervade business meetings, media, and events. Are you interested in participating in this report? We are eager to hear your unique perspective and would love to chat.

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