July 24, 2018

3 Workplace Trends Commercial Real Estate Owners Need to Know

RealMassive | Thought Leadership

While trends come and go, the best way to attract long-term tenants is to keep up with the latest workplace trends in commercial real estate. And while industrial and retail have fairly timeless needs, office space is perpetually in flux. From a quick look at the data, the office spaces being listed that are getting […]

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July 18, 2018

How to Avoid the Dated Data Pitfall

RealMassive | Data

Always rely on real-time commercial real estate data How up-to-date is your Commercial Real Estate data? Many CREs that don’t have fresh data spend significant amounts of time gathering information on the state of the market. This causes two problems: first, they miss out on opportunities because that’s time they could be spending nurturing relationships. […]

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July 10, 2018

How Blockchain Is Already Disrupting the Commercial Real Estate Industry

RealMassive | Technology

The technology has major implications for Commercial Real Estate   Chances are you know someone mining or trading bitcoin and they are happy to tell you all about it and how it’s the future. This post won’t be doing that. We do want to talk about blockchain though – the system that manages exchanges of […]

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