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July 8, 2019

How Technology is Transforming the Economic Development Industry

RealMassive | Economic Development

Economic development professionals are experts at identifying what trends and tools are most impactful in developing strategies for their region’s economic growth. As with any industry, gaining insight on trends of competing and neighboring regions is equally as important.

RealMassive sent a survey to over 1,000 Economic Development Professionals nation wide to help better understand how technology impacts their strategies for growth and success of their region.

The in-depth survey was designed to identify trends in economic development as they pertain to technology and overall growth strategies.

The Technology & Economic Development survey provides insight into questions like:

  • What are your region’s biggest challenges?
  • Does increased transparency and reporting with regards to economic incentives hurt or help your long-term strategy?
  • In the coming year, how much will you invest in data & research?
  • Which technology advancement do you feel will have the biggest impact on economic development in the next five years?

The results reveal how EDOs are forced to spend time on tools and tasks that take away from their top goals. In short, our survey makes it clear that the most valuable and limited resource for these professionals is time.

For a full look into how technology is transforming the economic development industry, download the report HERE.