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July 29, 2020

How the CRE Industry is Responding to Free Property Data

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In an effort to support our community, last month we began offering access to our real-time commercial real estate data platform, DataQu, at no cost for the entire industry through the end of 2020. With an evident need for a comprehensive, transparent and affordable CRE data source, the industry response has been overwhelmingly positive and optimistic.

Since the announcement, thousands of industry professionals from every sector have begun leveraging DataQu to source deals, analyze sales comps, unlock financing details and more. Brokers, Appraiser, Lenders and Investors are instantly accessing data on millions of properties nationwide.


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Like all industries, commercial real estate has been severely impacted by the global pandemic. As small businesses continue closing their doors, and many other companies turn to a long-term remote workplace, the impact of the pandemic on CRE remains uncertain. At the same time, many professionals may be forced to choose between spending on the data and tools they need to be successful or paying employees.

Commercial Real Estate is a relationship business and the path to a recovery begins with people. Our intention has always been to be a good partner to the community and to work together to improve the way deals are done and business is conducted. By working together, we can create new opportunities and space to innovate and optimize what the future of our industry will look like for many years to come.


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Every day, hundreds of people are joining DataQu, sharing their feedback and offering ideas. This collaborative approach allows us to create solutions that meet the needs of our users today and many years into the future.  In just a few short weeks, users have spent hundreds of hours viewing properties in all 50 states. Power users are beginning to emerge as they view almost 20,000 individual properties since joining.

In addition to the large jump in members of the DataQu community, we’ve launched numerous partnerships with industry organizations to develop custom onboarding and educational resources for each unique member-base. To learn more about partnering with RealMassive, contact us at [email protected].

This is just the beginning!

Start powering your business decisions with complimentary property data for the remainder of 2020. Sign up HERE.