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September 28, 2020

Just Released: DataQu Feature Enhancements

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RealMassive continues to add new product features and data enhancements to DataQu as users provide feedback on the tools and information that matter most.

We’re proud to announce the release of several new, high-demand features designed to help commercial real estate professionals identify the properties that best meet their needs and source more deals. This month, our team has been working diligently to incorporate some of the most-requested features and data enhancements, including:

-Pre-Foreclosure Filter
-6 Years of Tax History
-Multifamily Unit Filter
-Loan Maturity Date Filter

Pre-Foreclosure Filter:

DataQu users can now discover distressed assets that align with their business goals via our Pre-Foreclosure search filter. CRE professionals (including brokers, lenders, investors & developers) can leverage pre-foreclosure information to source properties that may be in need of refinancing, or owners looking to sell their distressed asset quickly.

DataQu’s Pre-Foreclosure search filter can empower industry professionals to diversify their portfolio and make better, faster investment decisions.

commercial real estate pre foreclosure

To isolate your property search by Pre-Foreclosure status, simply open the Filter Panel and toggle the “Pre-Foreclosure” button. A “Pre-Foreclosure” label will be displayed in the Basic Property Details section, as well as additional Pre-Foreclosure data in the Financing section. Available information includes default date, unpaid balance, original lender and current lender.

commercial real estate pre foreclosure

6 Years of Tax History

DataQu now features up to six years of tax history per asset. With a more comprehensive range of historical tax information, investors can identify potential investments that won’t break the bank in annual property taxes. By analyzing tax details over time, users can understand capital improvements that may have impacted a property’s assessed value. Tax and finance professionals can leverage the expansive tax history to connect with owners and prospects who may be overtaxed and would potentially benefit from an appeal.

commercial real estate tax history

Historical tax information for a specific property can be found in the Detail View under the Taxes tab.

Multifamily Units Filter

Users can now filter properties by the number of available units within a multifamily building using DataQu’s Multifamily Units filter. This frequently requested feature addition was designed to assist commercial real estate professionals looking to purchase high-rise apartment buildings, mobile home parks, or assets containing duplexes, triplexes, or quadraplexes. Multifamily data can be easily exported via Excel for further analysis.

commercial real estate multifamily

To utilize the Multifamily Units filter, open up the Filter Panel and select Multifamily in the “Use” category. You can then identify the minimum and maximum number of units that align with your business goals.

Loan Maturity Date Filter

For commercial real estate lenders and finance professionals, loan maturity details are crucial in understanding an owner’s debt and potential financing needs. The Loan Maturity Date filter will allow users to narrow their search to view properties that have loans coming due within a given range. This helps to isolate results by properties that are marketable for refinance, or other loan related services.

commercial real estate loan maturity data



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